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Useful Sites
Probably best two websites for WoW news:

For In-Depth guide for lvl 85 players:         For Basic info about your class:   
under Class Mechanics

For great free leveling guides:                  For New Comers:                     

Guild Rules

1.    Be polite to other guild members. Use words Please and Thank You.
2.    No spamming, usage of bad words or any kind of hate talk in the guild chat.
3.    We will not tolerate any of the upper listed actions and after 2nd unwanted action, officer or guild master
will whisper you and warn you about the consequences.
4.    Guild bank serves as help for leveling your professions and leveling in general. It is prohibited to sell guild items for your own profit. For every item you take from Guild bank, please, try to find a replacement for it.
5.    Guild serves as a help to low level players and when the appropriate level 85 player number is reached, also raiding and PvP
6.    If you have any suggestions about the guild, do not hesitate to contact us.
7.    Any inappropriate behaviour of our guildies  (including officers) should be reported to Guild Master
8.    Event creation: when you have an idea for an event, don't keep it for yourself. Share it with Guild officers and they will decide if it would work out.
9.    Don't be shy, but not too brave. Guild master and officers wish you all good luck on adventures and lots of fun.

1.    You gain promotion from Trial to Trainee when you are active for 2 weeks
2.    You gain promotion from Trainee to Warrior, if you had done a lot of good works for other guild members, such as helping and directing new comers
3.    You gain promotion from Warrior to Officer, if Guild Master and Officers both

Please Read
Hello, Unspeakable Jenkins here

We are in need of your class experience while leveling. Please, take some time, to open up your writing program and tell me all about how you level your class. When you are done, clip the document to e-mail message and send it to me on the address: I will then review it and post it to Guide section of our web page.
It doesn't have to be long, But please do include the following:
-the level you are on
-the race you play
-your characters name
-your specialization (spec) and why you choose that one
-explain your spell a.k.a. attack rotation on single enemy and your rotation on more then one enemy (mob)
----mail it to me

Have fun :)
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